SmartStone™ Induction System

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SmartStone™ Induction Systems

The Spring USA SmartStone™ System offers a highly customizable solution for durable and sophisticated foodservice countertops. Beautifully designed to house hidden or built-in induction or frost tops, these exclusive surfaces are capable of being integrated with any style or configuration. All SmartStone induction countertops are resistant to high temperatures (ISO10545.9) and atmospheric stress, as well as being scratch resistant, impact resistant, totally hygienic and designed to meet the ever-new and changing demands of contemporary foodservice.

Exclusively designed to work with Spring USA equipment:
• hidden induction ranges
• built-in or reconfigurable induction ranges
• frost tops


The SmartStone™ Induction System is a premier solution:
•  trivetless system - the stone is heat-resistant meaning there are no other items needed to stock or lose in order to use the system
•  durable - stands up to the rigors of a commercial setting
•  non-porous & NSF-certified - it is easy to clean and maintain
•  scratch resistant - one of the hardest materials available in the market


SmartStone™ induction systems are custom-made; please reach out to us with your requirements or build your custom table using our online custom table builder.

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