Integra Dual Heat Warming System

Dual Heat Warming System
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Bring a unique combination of light & heat to your countertop with the Integra patented, dual heat warming system. Equipped with an overhead heating source and base warming tray, the Integra warms food without drying or cooking the surface, as compared to traditional heat lamps. Long wave heating technology infuses heat through the food for warming from the inside out and does not dry or overcook the foods surface. Adjustable heat at the base of the Integra offers advanced temperature control for proper heating to keep food as warm and delicious as it was straight from the kitchen.

An energy-saving solution, the Integra is 20% more efficient than a traditional double heat lamp and standard warming tray. With low amperage and an included power receptcle at its base, up to three Integra units can easily be daisy-chained. An LED lighted canopy provides soft illumination and can be customized with optional etched logo.

•Warming tray base with tempered glass top
•Digital temperature display
•Long wave heating technology
•Adjustable Heat: warming tray base heat range 105-250°, top heat on/off
•4000K LED lighting
•Receptacle in base for daisy chaining up to (3) units
•Clear, shatter resistant, acrylic canopy
•Custom logo etching on canopy
•NSF Certified

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