Why Spring USA Warming & Cooling?

Foodservice operators know how important it is to serve hot foods hot and cold foods cold, not only to satisfy their customers but more importantly for food safety reasons

Spring USA offers a wide variety of warming & cooling systems in a range of styles and colors. Whether your operation is a buffet, cafeteria, or quick/full-service restaurant, a beautiful presentation is easier than ever to achieve with Spring USA.

  • Heat Lamps - Weighted base sits neatly behind a carving board or warming tray
  • Warming Tray - Economical buffet solution with a low profile that pairs well with heat lamps
  • Carving Station - Heated and non-heated carving board options, with removable granite for easy cleaning
  • Solstice Cooling or Warming System - Temperatures range from 23-50°F and 120-185°F

Buffet Warming Solutions

A wide variety of reliable foodservice equipment that ensures food quality from source to consumer - our buffet warming & cooling solutions keep food fresh and safely to temperature without sacrificing design and style. 

Create your own custom buffet station with our collection of warming solutions:

  • High-end Heat Lamps. Adjustable & pivoting single/double head heat lamps that can daisy chain 3-6 units, premium stainless steel in multiple color options, some units available with extra outlet for cord management.
  • Energy-saving Warming Trays. Economical warming solution only 1.91 amps, plug 6 trays into one 15-amp outlet, low profile and easy to clean, tempered glass, optional risers to increase height & style.
  • Stylish Carving Stations. A variety of styles, mirror-polished 18/10 stainless steel, in mocha or onyx color.
  • Innovative Solutions. The Integra and Solstice units provide patented technology for advanced warming/ cooling. The Integra Dual Heat System provides overhead & bottom warming while the Solstice unit goes from warm to cold without the use of water or freon.

NSF-Certified Warming Solutions 

Our dedication to providing the highest standard of foodservice equipment means we are the leader in the industry for NSF-certified products in several different categories. Our products are put through rigorous testing to meet ANSI/NSF standards.

NSF-Certified Warming Solutions:

  • Warming trays
  • Integra Dual Heat System
  • Solstice Cooling & Warming System

Learn more: Spring USA NSF-Certified Products

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Warming & Cooling

A wide variety of reliable foodservice equipment that ensures food quality from source to consumer.

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