Blackline Carbon Steel Fry Pan, 13"D

Professional Cookware, Blackline 13" fry pan is stronger & lighter than cast iron, heats up twice as fast. Naturally nonstick once seasoned, perfect for sauteing and searing. Ideal for use on any type of cooktop, including induction.

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Loved by Chefs worldwide for performance and reliability, our cookware is front-of-house beautiful and back-of-house durable. The 13.13 in carbon steel Blackline fry pan performs like cast-iron, but is stronger and lighter.

Carbon steel resists warping and is easy to season to create a non-stick, non-toxic surface. Superior heat retention, heats up and cools down faster than cast iron and does not discolor when used with open flame. Carbon steel is nearly indestructible, more resistant to breaking or cracking, making it perfect for commercial kitchens.

Features a strong weld-mounted cast handle - instead of rivets which can harbor bacteria and break with usage over time.

•Perfect for searing and sautéing
•Solid carbon steel construction with weld-mounted cast handle
•Designed to withstand the most intense heat; safe for oven or broiler
•Will never develop hot spots and bottom will never warp
•Lifetime warranty covering welds, non-maintenance items, or manufacturer defects.

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