Spring USA Stainless Steel Coffee Urn Dispenser, 12 Quart

18/10 mirror polished stainless steel

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Spring USA Hands-free Coffee Urn holds up to 12 quart/ 3 gallon and is designed to beautifully display & serve beverages while helping to reduce germ transmission and minimize cross contamination. NSF-certified to meet sanitation and performance certification compliance, the coffee urn is also equipped with a handsfree spigot adapter to provide a truly touchless way to serve beverages. Simply take a clean cup or glass and press against the stainless steel lever to effortlessly dispense coffee, tea, and more.

The coffee urn features a solid cast stainless steel faucet, not brass like others, that is easily removed from the unit for cleaning. The urn can be warmed with the included fuel holder or optional heating element, while the stay-cool handles keep hands from extreme heat. Legs have skid & scratch-resistant footing.

• 18/10 mirror polished stainless steel
• Solid cast stainless steel faucets
• Stay cool handles
• Skid and scratch proof footing
• Fuel holder included
• Optional heating element available
• NSF-certified

Add optional electric heating element (Spring USA 9503) to keep coffee at the perfect temperature without burning

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