First And Finest Induction Non-Stick Cookware



First And Finest Induction Non-Stick Cookware

Vulcano combines the best of Spring USA design, along with a Whitford Quantanium scratch-resistant, ceramic reinforced, non-stick interior finish.  Vulcano 5-Ply Cookware features a stainless-steel exterior, for strength and durability. 

•  Non-stick coating can withstand temperatures up to 500°F

•  18/10 stainless steel exterior surface •  Outstanding performance on all types of heating sources

•  One-year warranty on non-stick coating •  Durable, riveted-mounted, stainless steel handle

Whether you’re using them for front-of-the-House display cooking, or back in the kitchen, these pans are beautifully designed and able to withstand the constant use.

Voted ‘Best In Class’ by Industry Operators ~

Mini-Frying Pan

8478-60/16       Ht. 1-18˝    Diam. 6˝   (12 Pint Capacity)


New, Mini-Frying Pan features our new 3-ply, scratch-resistant, ceramic reinforced, Quantanium non-stick finish

The hollow, stainless steel handle stays cooler, as the heat cannot migrate from pan to handle


Perfect for Kitchen-to-Table presentation, individual portion serving, or action station breakfasts!  Paired with our Mini Primo! Gratin Pan, shown above.
Use on induction, or with our Warming Tray for individual, fresh-prepped sides, appetizers or desserts!

Frying Pan

8478-60/20A        Ht. 1-12˝    Diam.7-78˝    (1/2 Quart Capacity)

8478-60/24A        Ht. 2˝    Diam.   9-12˝    (1-1/2 Quart)



Frying Pan

8478-60/28A        Ht. 2˝    Diam.   11˝    (2 Quart Capacity)

8478-60/32        Ht. 2-1/4˝    Diam.   12-5/8˝    (2-3/4 Quart Capacity)




8218-60/30A        3” H      12˝ Diam.      (4 Quart Capacity)

Our Woks feature a multi-ply, flat bottom for better heat transfer.



8218-60/35        3” H      13-34˝ Diam.      (4 Quart)

This Wok features one long, and one short handle for ease of use.  Pan features a flat bottom.


Cook & Serve Wok

8214-60/35        3-18˝ Ht.      13-34˝ Diam.      (5-14 Quart)

Our largest wok offered, you’ll find myriad uses for this multi-functional piece!







8478 Fry Pan, 8214 Cook & Serve Wok,8218 Wok