The Communal Table

What You See  

Is a beautiful, functional work space to host a meeting, work on your laptop, or grab a quick cup of coffee…

What You Don’t See

Is that it’s really an Induction-Ready Buffet Table

Need to serve a buffet in the mornings?  Perfect….simply pull away the chairs & now you have a buffet table.

Need to serve a small party a family-style dinner?  Perfect….you have the table that works for that venue as well.

Here’s the best part ~ The Communal Table is Completely Customizable  ~ You choose the length, width, height, wood tone & tabletop color

Some Additional Benefits:

  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Highly Efficient
  • A Completely GREEN Product ~ Engineered Product Made From Granite & Quartz
  • No Need to Purchase Canned Fuel ~ Save Your Facility Some $$

For use with Spring USA Induction-Ready, Convertible Buffet Servers or Serving Pieces.