Induction Ranges

Spring USA announces the arrival of MAX Induction® - The newest and most advanced induction cooking technology! Spring USA is the Industry Leader with our MAX Induction® and Mr. Induction™ line of professional induction cooktops.

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Built-in and Countertop Induction Ranges Featuring SmartScan®

Spring USA announces the arrival of MAX Induction® ~

Customize your foodservice facility and revolutionize your food preparation with the most advanced commercial induction equipment available. Perfect for demonstration cooking and suite service.
LED display shows power levels 1–20 on cook mode, and temperatures 90° F – 440° F on temp mode.
Computer “chip” printed circuit incorporates state-of-the-art software and hardware.
Range adjusts output for voltage, pan size, weight and pan construction.
Provides over/under current voltage protection.
Low voltage power is more circuit friendly. “Chip” is our built-in service technician. It automatically adjusts to voltage fluctuations.
MAX Induction® is the exclusive Induction Range of the World Pastry Competition.  May 2012 ~

Featuring a new line of advance technology induction that does not require special trivets or rail systems!

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